“If you are considering trying yoga for restoring health or simply to reduce stress, contact Gary Schroeder!  As a compassionate healer and yoga therapist, Gary came alongside me during one of the most difficult periods of my life as I battled breast cancer.  From both his professional background in health care and extensive training in yoga therapy, Gary has a deep understanding of the body’s ability to heal itself.  Combined with a genuine sensitivity to others, Gary is gifted at being able to intuitively assess the “right yoga” and “right breath” for your present moment and present need.  Gary was able to therapeutically teach, guide, and help me through a personalized yoga practice as I moved through my toughest cancer challenges of pain, fatigue, stress, and immobility.  I cannot imagine my journey back to health without him at my side.”
— R. Shaw, RN

“I’ve been practicing with Gary for more than two years.  I contacted Gary after reading an article about his practice in a local newspaper.  What appealed to me the most was that Gary is very attuned to the individual’s needs and any physical issues the individual is facing.  In the last three years, I’ve had two knee and one hip replacements.  After meeting with Gary individually, he developed a home practice for me.  In addition to the home practice, I enjoy attending Gary’s classes.  The yoga practice not only helps with flexibility, balance, and strength, but also relaxation, and I often find I can use what I’ve learned throughout the week to relieve stress.  I highly recommend it!”

— S. York

I was referred to Gary by a physician for help with anxiety, fibromyalgia and recovery from a lumbar fusion. Yoga therapy has been extremely beneficial for me coping with these conditions. My need for pain relief has greatly diminished as I continue the prescribed daily practice of yoga. I have found Gary’s therapy sessions to be relaxing as well as beneficial to my health. He is kind and patient, listens well, and provides exercises that are suitable to my level of ability. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their physical and emotional well-being.

L. Beckrich